Tradition of Quality
A. C. Macris founded his consulting practice in 1985 with a 10 - year background in human factors and industrial engineering. Because of this background, Mr. Macris was sought out to support a few high - profile personal injury cases, one involving the death of children associated with faulty and incorrectly installed smoke detectors. As the benefits of engaging a human factors expert became apparent, his practice grew.

While the number of attorneys with whom A. C. Macris Consultants works has expanded, the number of ongoing relationships with these attorneys is a further testimonial to the quality of service as well as the benefit of the human factors contributions.

This is not to say we can accept every engagement opportunity. As part of maintaining a high level of quality service, A. C. Macris Consultants do not participate in cases that have little or no ethical basis, and as part of our preliminary investigative service, we inform our clients when we believe that there is significant risk or exposure that jeopardizes the potential for success. This way we are able to maintain our integrity and ultimate effectiveness.
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