Safety and Human Factors

When we talk about safety, we focus on human performance and behaviors. The discipline of human factors is a marriage of the principles, utilized in engineering and psychology that acknowledge the premise that 'things' do not exist in a vacuum they are invented by used by and oft times surrounded by people. With that in mind, there are rules, laws, and standards that govern a human's safe interaction in the world. This is what a Human Factors expert can bring to your team.

There is a synergy between the disciplines of human factors and safety not realized in each discipline alone.

Industrial Safety

Industrial safety is a complex issue. Typically when industrial accidents occur an assessment is done to find where compliance with safety regulations failed. We provide a somewhat different perspective. We approach industrial safety accidents and injuries from a behavioral and human interaction perspective. What is typically revealed when the injury or accident is reviewed from a behavioral perspective is the problem includes Procedures, Equipment, Training/Education, and Culture. The scope of our safety assessments involves some or all portions of the following depending on the scope of the injury or accident:

Preparation for assessment
Determine and agree upon objectives of the assessment

Identification of safety behaviors
Conduct interviews or surveys to identify safety behaviors, functions, and practices review of injury records

Conduct safety observations/interviews Random observations with checklists/guidelines Structured interviews

Analysis of observations/interviews
Review of findings and analysis of data resulting from assessment validate safety behaviors

Reporting and documentation
Documentation of methods, analysis and findings

Summary of Services

We offer safety services to attorneys, insurance companies and individuals.
  • Safety assessments
  • Accident reconstruction
  • Engineering evaluations
  • Data-base searches
  • Depositions
  • Court testimony
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