Ready Reference of Human Factors
What makes a good warning?
"Based upon the rules of product liability and good safety engineering, a warning should include the following:
 Identification of the severity of the risk involved.
 A description of the nature of the risk so the user will understand it.
 Information that will allow the used to avoid the hazard.
 Adequate communication of the safety message to the person     exposed to the hazard."
Geriatric accident considerations
 Is lighting involved in the accident?
 Are there glare factors associated with the lighting conditions?
 Is field of vision a potential factor?
 Were there any auditory cues, and what frequency range?
 Is Reaction Time a potential issue?
What is Anthropometrics?

Anthropometry is the technology of measuring various human physical traits, including such factors as size mobility and strength. Ergonomics, the term more commonly used in Europe, involves the analysis of problems of people in their various working conditions within their real life situations. In a broader sense, for product liability situations the human factors expert looks at the human physical measurements and how products can be better designed to minimize the potential for personal injury.

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