Human Factors
What is Human Factors?

The discipline of human factors is a marriage of the principles, utilized in engineering and. psychology that acknowledge the premise that ''things' do not exist in a vacuum they are invented by used by and oft times surrounded by people. With that in mind, there rules, laws, standards that govern a human's safe interaction in the world.

Human factors as a science allows us to determine what is reasonable performance, and reaction, in relation to:
  • Health
  • Safety
  • Performance
  • Efficiency
  • Engineering
  • The Environment

  • Human factors fundamentals cover:
  • Functional analysis
  • Equipment & workplace design
  • Environmental design
  • Designs for health & safety
  • System evaluation
  • Computing systems
  • Disabilities/handicapped design

  • How will I know if Human Factors is right for a case?

    Usually, a brief explanation of the case, followed by a few simple questions can establish the necessity, or added value, of a human factors specialist to your team. Our staff of multi disciplined research and engineering associates brings an exceptional experience base from which to draw. This expertise is applied to analyze and evaluate each client's unique situation, determine the applicable boundary conditions, then provide meaningful and responsible information

    A Case History

    A user of a circular table saw accidentally cut a finger off while ripping a piece of wood. He was using do saw without the blade guard in place. He sued the manufacturer of the saw, claiming that the guard inhibited his activities. His attorney solicited a report from a licensed engineer. The engineer verified that sawdust inhibited visibility, at the point of blade to since it collected inside the blade guard. He also recommended that a Human Factors Engineer review the case.

    Our investigation involved conducting a task analysis of activities a person performs with a table saw, and a review of the owner's manual instructions. We were able to demonstrate that the design of the guard did, indeed, inhibit task performance, and that the instructions did not resolve this user conflict. Mental and physical fatigue in using the saw therefore resulted in the user removing the guard. This investigation demonstrated significant exposure to the defendant such that the settlement went in behalf of the plaintiff.

    Summary of Services

    We offer human factors services to attorneys, insurance companies and individuals.
  • Human Factors Investigations
  • Engineering Evaluations
  • Data Base Searches
  • Complete Documentation
  • Depositions
  • Court Testimony

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