Case Listing
Below is a representative listing of our engagements and illustrates the range of personal injury/product liability litigation we have supported. The cases are listed by title only. Additional information about any of these cases is available upon request.
Table Saw Guarding Industrial Fatalities
Boat Safety Rails Safety Assessments
Newspaper Conveyor Rollers Hammock Accident
Smoke Detector Installation Child Gate Accident
Wood Stove Fire Trip and Fall - Curbing
Auto Ramp Accident Trip and Fall - Stairway
Child Electrocution Trip and Fall - Casino
Broken Auto Axel Trip and Fall - Snow Public Street
Dumpster Fire Traffic Accident
Truck Wheel Assembly Accident Hand-Held Vacuum
Paper Roller Accident Rotating Saw Accident
Chemical Exposure Child Falling from Deck
Oil Drum Explosion Dumpster Loading Accident
Falling Accident Power Saw Accident
Paper Roller Accident Trucking Load Shift Accident
Tripping Accident Vehicle Accident Investigation
Toxic Inhalation Slip and Fall - Parking Lot
Child Slipping Under Deck Railing Trip and Fall - Over Trailer Hitch
Spontaneous Combustion - Warning Lawn Mower Blade Accident
High Voltage Electrocution Industrial Safety
Safety Railing - Falling Accident Trip and Fall - Handicap Ramp

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